About the ITLR


Quarterly scientific journal owned by the Department of Political Sciences of the “Sapienza University of Rome”, published by “Sapienza University Press”.

Italian Register of Periodical Press: (Courthouse of Rome – Section Press, Reg. No. 654/96) ISSN: 1824-1476. Managing Director: Prof. Pietro Selicato. 

Board of Trustees: Giovanni Puoti (founder), Andrea Amatucci, Jacques Malherbe, Claudio Sacchetto, Josè Manuel Tejerizo Lopez.
Board of Directors: Fabrizio Amatucci, Pietro Boria, Roberto Cordeira Guerra, Lorenzo del Federico, Peter Essers, Giuseppe Marino, Roman Seer, Pietro Selicato.

The International Tax Law Review is a magazine placed in Group A of the ANVUR (National Agency for the Evaluation of the University and Research) ranking of scientific journals on legal matters, which aims to examine issues of  international, comparative and European tax law.

The Scientific Committee is composed of italian and foreign professors, and has permanent links with a network of Scientific Correspondents from many countries, in Europe and in the rest of the world.

A board of External Auditors formed by authoritative professors ensures a blind peer review of most of the papers published in the first and second sections of the Review, according to the ANVUR regulation.

The selection of the scientific materials is entrusted to the Editorial Committee distributed in several offices located throughout the Country, whose direction is committed to Fabrizio Amatucci and Pietro Selicato.

In order to facilitate the dissemination abroad, any text is published in the author’s original language, and is also available in a full translation (or an abstract at least) in another language. Among the foreign languages, English is the  most widely used.

Each issue is divided into three sections:

Section I (Academic Essays) which includes papers written from tax law and public finance professors from all over the world, and generally from experts of generally recognized scientific reputation;

Section II (“Commented Documents”) is dedicated to judgements of the Courts (national, as well international and European Courts), administrative decisions and interpretations (from tax Administration), commented by members of the Editorial Staff;

Section III (“Notes and Surveys”) welcomes writings of young researchers, reviews of new books and meetings.

The International Tax Law Review is a scientific open research centre, a lab in which each student or scholar may, at the same time, draw and give scientific contributions. In the past, it has been the engine of important insights in the field of international taxation, promoting conferences and seminars in many universities or academic bodies and publishing of course the related working papers on its issues. Aiming to improve these results, the Journal, in addition to having an already established network of relationships with renowned research centers or italian and foreign universities, is constantly striving to expand worldwide its spread within the international scientific community, in order to involve in the debate and in the reasearch an increasing number of scholars to further refine the quality of its content thanks to authoritative and essential contributions from abroad.

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